If it's broke, we can fix it.
Every once in a while we come across a project that's more than just a job, it's a challenge. Our latest being at the world renowned Wildenstein Galleries art gallery. 

The job entailed a complete demolition of one of the original display rooms on the first floor, then have it rebuilt with new skim coated walls and the same intricate molding as the original room. Once the room was demolished we saw that the ceiling needed to be replaced.
We replaced the old ceiling with new light weight materials, making a strong, level surface for track lighting.
With the new ceiling up we were able to precede with the skim coating, giving all the walls a silky smooth finish.
The next challenge of this job was installing a new system which utilizes touch screen technology to power a motorized pocket door. We had to make an inset wall to house the door and motor.
With all the walls up and the door on the pocket door track we are ready for the custom made molding.
We also needed to install metal picture hanging molding from the walls. Each rail capable of hanging more than 500 pounds
The whole room then got spray primed and was ready for painting. At that point they had us change the design of the room and remove the columns on the upper half's of the walls
Once the whole room was painted we began the tedious task of painting the accent color on the molding.
After detailing we hooked up the door system and ran numerous tests to ensure a properly working door. We then put the finishing touches on everything, putting on hardware and installing the touch panels

After we thoroughly clean the whole room we hand it over to the great guys at the gallery for decorating. they really brought the room to life with their spectacular art work